Refoam 0,5


10 grams of sustainable lightness: Refoam 0.5.

For Proxital, being green is much more than a declaration of intent: it is one of the pillars that gave life to the company, pursuing sustainability as a modus operandi of the entire production.
Today Proxital presents a unique innovation in the world, the Refoam 0.5, an innovative foam material that can offer a square meter of protection using only 10 grams of plastic.
The performances in terms of resistance and slipperiness are equal to those of foam with double thickness, but thanks to Refoam 0,5 the coils have a double length with the same volume. This means a reduction in road traffic and the use of resources, while at the same time guaranteeing important economic savings for the packaging of goods.
Refoam® is made from up to 100% recycled material.
Refoam 0,5

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