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3 Pillars


Proxital develops shared innovation with its Customers, with three cornerstones in style and contents, three aspects which we consider to be the genuine pillars in our everyday activities. Not empty words and theories, but concrete actions which every day help us make progress, developing cutting-edge technologies and products, which are increasingly innovative and better performing.



For Proxital, the ongoing investment in production technologies and research has always been one of the company’s distinguishing features. The creation and patenting of new materials is based on an in-depth knowledge of the processes and machinery, through proprietary solutions which make it possible to accomplish innovative results for extensive applications.

Proxital’s know-how has always been appreciated by machinery manufacturers too, who have always stood beside Proxital and supported it in the development of sophisticated and high-performance technologies, which are continuously enhanced. This commitment translates to the subsequent production of increasingly innovative, light-weight, hard-wearing and hi-tech products which are placed on the market.



The best ideas are those that become a reality. This mindset has distinguished Proxital from the outset, creating shared innovation with its Customers. Indeed, it is based on the Customers’ requests and queries that the Proxital R&D division came up with new materials which were then produced. We liaise continuously and the pursuit of innovative solutions is ongoing. Thanks to our Customers, we have always found new stimuli and new challenges to tackle, each time overcoming the technical barrier of the material or piece of machinery, developing new solutions which made it possible to make a concept become a reality. The philosophy of continuous improvement is perfectly backed by our Customers, and we truly innovate, together.



In 1998 we made a specific decision: to adopt a sustainable, recyclable, endlessly regenerable plastic production system. This is why we use expanding technologies that do not chemically alter the raw materials used. This allows the total regenerability of each single product at the end of each usage cycle.

Even the plastic foam processing scraps are totally regenerable, bringing the carbon footprint of these products to near-zero.

In this specific context, Proxital offers a customised service tailored to the specific requirements of every individual customer and each single processing, with a keen eye on sustainability at all times.