3 Pillars

Proxital develops innovation shared with its customers, with three fixed points in style and content, three aspects that for us are real pillars of our daily actions. Not empty words and theories, but concrete actions that make us evolve every day, developing cutting-edge technologies and products that are increasingly performing and innovative.

Tecnologia Refoam


For Proxital, constant investment in production and research technologies has always been a distinctive feature of the company. The creation and the patenting of new materials passes from a deep knowledge of processes and machinery, through proprietary solutions that allow to arrive at innovative results for wide applications.

The know-how of Proxital has always been appreciated also by the machinery manufacturers who have always supported and supported Proxital for the development of performing and advanced technologies, in constant improvement. This commitment then translates into the creation of the most innovative products on the market, light, resistant, hi-tech.


The best ideas are those that are then realized. This philosophy has characterized Proxital since its foundation, creating innovation shared with its customers. Precisely from the requests and queries of the Customers, the R&D division of Proxital developed the new materials which were then made. The dialogue is continuous and the search for solutions is a constant. Thanks to our customers we have always found new stimuli and new challenges to be overcome, each time overcoming the technical limit of the material or machinery, developing new solutions that have allowed their realization. The philosophy of continuous improvement finds in our customers the perfect stimulus, to truly innovate, together.



Since 1998 we have made a precise choice: to adopt a sustainable, recyclable, infinitely regenerable plastic production system. For this reason we use expansion technologies that do not chemically alter the raw materials used. This allows the total regenerability of each single product at the end of each cycle of use.

Even the scraps from the processing of foamed plastics are totally regenerable, bringing the carbon footprint of these products to almost zero.

In this precise context, Proxital offers a personalized service based on the needs of the individual customer and the individual process, always with an eye to sustainability.