Il Sole 24 ore talks about Proxital

Refoam Sole 24 ore

The Sole 24 ore magazine talks about Proxital among the companies active in the defense of health and the environment. Not all plastics are the same. Since its foundation, Proxital has been producing only sustainable materials, but it is particularly important and urgent to scientifically demonstrate their degree of environmental compatibility and communicate it to […]

10 grams of sustainable lightness: Refoam 0.5.

Refoam 0,5

For Proxital, being green is much more than a declaration of intent: it is one of the pillars that gave life to the company, pursuing sustainability as a modus operandi of the entire production. Today Proxital presents a unique innovation in the world, the Refoam 0.5, an innovative foam material that can offer a square […]

Repubblica talks about REFOAM

Refoam Repubblica

Repubblica talks about the new REFOAM range, a new production technology that makes extensive use of regenerated raw materials, and sets a new standard in terms of resistance and slipperiness of foamed foams. The range also includes the innovative REFOAM 0.5, a worldwide innovation that in just half a millimeter of thickness can offer protection […]

Conai’s classification of plastic packaging

Conai Classificazione

Conai’s classification of plastic packaging has changed, with effect from 1 January 2022. Proxital, after months of direct commitment to this goal and thanks to the collaboration with Dr. Marina Spiazzi of Assindustria Venetocentro, with Prof. Michele Modesti of the University of Padua and with the Federazione Gomma Plastica, is pleased to announce an important […]