Application Sectors

settori di applicazione foam

Thanks to precious partnerships with its Customers, over the years Proxital has developed a range of products which are applied in an extensive range of commodities sectors. In some cases even, an entire range of products and accessories has been developed, such as for the construction industry with the Terilex range, or the Xtracell range […]

University Research

Università di Padova

In its research and development processes, Proxital has always relied on technical experts and research institutes, for the creation of real product and process innovation. Proxital has entered into a research contract with the industrial engineering department of Padua University to certify the recyclability of non-crosslinked polyethylene foam in post-consumer processes. The raw materials used […]

From Waste To Resource

The circular economy is a principle which emphasises the fact that things affect one another mutually. So the need to create a balance, a sustainability, is more evident when attention is placed on man’s ability to create refuse. As the world’s population is constantly growing, it is indispensable to transform refuse into resources, so that […]

Refoam: the sustainable revolution.


Proxital presents Refoam, the choice of sustainable change in our production. Refoam has uncompromising performance: the new composition of the material has higher technical characteristics, such as resistance and slipperiness, which concretely improve its workability. Refoam is Proxital’s response to the new European guidelines on the recyclability of waste, implemented by Legislative Decree 3/9/20 n.116 in force from 26/9/2020. Refoam is produced […]

Physical Foam at its best

Refoam Regenerate Repeat

Since 1998 Proxital has been producing Physical Foam of quality, completely regenerable and recyclable indefinitely.But this does not mean having a standard product, on the contrary, Proxital research has made important steps forward, bringing innovation to the sector, with state-of-the-art patented formulas and technologies. To meet the demands of the various production and industrial sectors […]