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Packaging that isn’t afraid of blows

Don’t burst bubbles any more
. Our customers expressed the need to create packaging that could guarantee greater protection from shocks, while asking us for a thicker material at the same time to act as a filler and ensure better protection. The item that could have taken care of this need, and already available on the market, was polythene bubble wrap; the weaknesses of this material were looked at to create a more efficient product. As PROXITAL’s mission is to meet the customers’ industrial needs, creating solutions that improve the materials’ performance, Xtracell has been created.

Xtracell’s CHARACTERISTICS have been proven in laboratory tests and tested by customer experience:


–   crush resistance and compressive strength

–   tear and tensile strength or toughness

– abrasion/scratch-proof

– lightness therefore less use of plastic

– low environmental impact during production and disposal

–  100% recyclable

–  affordability

Xtracell compressive strength:

air bubble compressive strength: