Proxital produces plastic foams out of passion and believes wholeheartedly in the potential and high performance of this material.
In fact, the structure of the foam, which consists of plastic polymer and microscopic air pockets, allows for extremely light films and manufactured products through the use of minimal amounts of raw material.
Lightness, strength, insulating capacity, preservation and flexibility are the primary advantages offered by the use of plastic foams: economical films that can protect goods and merchandise from degradation, noise, water, impact, heat and cold.
Each polymer, depending on its mechanical and physical characteristics, is particularly suitable in certain areas. In this sense Proxital is able to offer a wide range of products, consisting of polymers of various kinds, which can be used in a variety of applications and for the most diverse areas of use.
The use of plastic foams therefore proves valuable in particular areas where resistance and insulation, preservation and waterproofing capabilities are required.
The search for new materials and new production solutions, understood as competitive advantages, are at the basis of the company’s philosophy: constantly oriented toward the development of customer-friendly products.
The use of sophisticated technologies that probe the entire production process ensure the physical and chemical characteristics of the materials used with the support of more than 400 daily checks.
Proxital thus focuses on the quality of its products as the cornerstone of constant growth in volume and customer satisfaction.