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From Waste To Resource

The circular economy is a principle which emphasises the fact that things affect one another mutually. So the need to create a balance, a sustainability, is more evident when attention is placed on man’s ability to create refuse.

As the world’s population is constantly growing, it is indispensable to transform refuse into resources, so that it can be re-introduced into a cycle which allows its transformation, giving it a new lease of life and use.

Proxital has always considered sustainability as one of its founding pillars and it takes concrete action to achieve it.

One of the feathers in its cap is the complete recycling system for the re-use of Polyethylene and Polypropylene foam processing scraps, both in the internal production and in that of our Customers, which gives rise to new products that are 100% recyclable and regenerable.

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Application Sectors

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In its research and development processes, Proxital has always relied on technical experts and research institutes, for the creation of

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