Refoam Sole 24 ore


Il Sole 24 ore talks about Proxital

The Sole 24 ore magazine talks about Proxital among the companies active in the defense of health and the environment.

Not all plastics are the same. Since its foundation, Proxital has been producing only sustainable materials, but it is particularly important and urgent to scientifically demonstrate their degree of environmental compatibility and communicate it to the outside world, refuting the mistaken beliefs of the market and the final consumer. Thanks to the support and advice of Assindustria, we are working on the creation of a validated model for the calculation of the Carbon Footprint of foamed plastics. Proxital produces closed-cell Foam, 100% recyclable and regenerable and is actively contributing to the development of a uniform, functional and valid calculator for the purposes of the ISO 14067 standard to quantify CO2 emissions for the production of plastic foams. The market needs clarity and certain references, also in the light of the new ESG Sustainability Report requests from various institutional and banking entities. Proxital has recently introduced REFOAM, a new production technology that has affected the entire range for the extensive use of regenerated raw materials.

Refoam Sole 24 ore

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