Refoam Regenerate Repeat
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Physical Foam at its best

Since 1998 Proxital has been producing Physical Foam of quality, completely regenerable and recyclable indefinitely.
But this does not mean having a standard product, on the contrary, Proxital research has made important steps forward, bringing innovation to the sector, with state-of-the-art patented formulas and technologies.

To meet the demands of the various production and industrial sectors and the suggestions of transformers, over the years we have developed a complete and transversal range. Here are our four spearheads of the ReFoam range in Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE):

PROXIL® is the ecological and thermoformable Polypropylene (PP): MORE »

XTRACELL is the revolutionary packaging material that doesn’t fear blows: MORE »

TERILEX is the high-performance soundproofing material for construction: MORE »

ZEROVIRGOLACINQUE è la rivoluzione sostenibile, prestazioni incredibili in soli 0,5 mm: MORE »

Refoam Regenerate Repeat

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Application Sectors

Thanks to precious partnerships with its Customers, over the years Proxital has developed a range of products which are applied

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University Research

In its research and development processes, Proxital has always relied on technical experts and research institutes, for the creation of

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