What is PROXIL®?

Proxil® is the Polypropylene (PP) Physical Foam
environmentally friendly and thermoformable

Polipropilene PP Physical Foam
Mouldable and resistant

The ecological and performing polypropylene, fire resistant in class 1. Proxil® is made entirely of physically expanded polypropylene, with closed cells, a high-performance alternative to cross-linked products.

Our process guarantees the absence of CFCs and organic expanding agents, in fact it is toxicologically inert and also suitable for contact with food. The thermal performances are excellent, in fact Proxil® has a high thermostability with respect to thermal excursions, but it also has a perfect malleability being thermoformable.

Like all Proxital materials, Proxil® also lends itself perfectly to being coupled with other materials or to be adhesive for specific applications.

The elasticity is high as is the compressive strength.

Polipropilene PP Physical Foam termoformabile

The essential FEATURES of Proxil® are documented by laboratory tests and tested by the direct experience of customers in various sectors, from automotive to food:

100% Recyclable and regenerable

Ideal for contact with food

High elasticity: elongation at break> 150%

High compressive strength: 50% 0.102 MPa


Thermostability from -30 to +110 ° C

Fire reaction class 1 according to D.M. 26/6/1984

Possibility of cutting, coupling and adhesion

Waterproof and rot-proof

Polipropilene PP Physical Foam termoformabile food