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Refoam: the sustainable revolution.

Refoam®: the sustainable revolution.

Proxital presents Refoam®, the choice of sustainable change in our production. Refoam® has uncompromising performance: the new composition of the material has higher technical characteristics, such as resistance and slipperiness, which concretely improve its workability.
Refoam® is Proxital’s response to the new European guidelines on the recyclability of waste, implemented by Legislative Decree 3/9/20 n.116 in force from 26/9/2020. Refoam® is
produced with a percentage ofrecycled material that can even reach 100%, with the aim of minimizing or canceling the incidence of the nextPlastic Tax on arrival in 2021.
Refoam® has a complete range of products starting from the innovative 0.5 mm, light and resistant as silk.