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University Research

In its research and development processes, Proxital has always relied on technical experts and research institutes, for the creation of real product and process innovation. Proxital has entered into a research contract with the industrial engineering department of Padua University to certify the recyclability of non-crosslinked polyethylene foam in post-consumer processes. The raw materials used for the various tests are regenerated LDPE polyethylene, the regenerated LDPE + HDPE mix and the polyolefin mix. These materials were scientifically characterised via spectrophotometry, thermogravimetry analysis, calorimetric and mechanical analysis and with the melt flow index. Mixes were then produced with different percentage blends of the various materials, then the extrusion and resistance tests were carried out. Proxital treasures this type of research, in order to launch ever new, better-performing products, which are perfectly sustainable and 100% recyclable and regenerable.