Xtracell is the revolutionary packaging material
that does not fear blows

Xtracell Foam imballaggio
Don't break bubbles anymore

Our customers expressed the need to create packaging that would guarantee greater protection from shocks and at the same time they asked us for a thicker material to fill and ensure better protection. The article that could have met this need, already present on the market for some decades, was air-bubble polyethylene; we went to act on the weak points of this material to create a more efficient product. Since the mission of PROXITAL is to meet the industrial needs of customers, creating solutions that improve the performance of materials, Xtracell was created.

The essential FEATURES of Xtracell are documented by laboratory tests and tested by customer experience:

– resistance to crushing and compression

– resilience: after the blow or compression it returns to its original state

– tenacity or sturdiness with respect to traction and tearing

– anti-abrasion / anti-scratch

– lightness and therefore less use of plastic

– the low environmental impact during production and disposal

– 100% recyclability

– economy

Resistance to compression and crushing Xtracell:

Resistenza allo schiacciamento Foam Xtracell

Resistance to compression and crushing air bubble:

Foam resistente